While we hope this web site has been enjoyable and informative, we realize we may not have been able to answer all of your questions. We also realize that we might not have a puppy ready for you during the proper timeframe. It is for these reasons that we have included the following two sections. The first section is a list of links to informative sites about Labradors and other breeds of dogs as well as links to organizations devoted to informing and educating potential dog owners about health issues and other questions that have occurred frequently through the years. The second section is a series of links to other breeder friends of ours as well as the National Labrador Retriever Club, of which we are members. It has been our experience that the following links can be useful aids when making the decision of whether or not to open your home to a new family member.

General Information Links

Labrador Retriever breed History from Just Labs

Labrador retriever History from the Wikipedia

Labrador Retriever Breed History

Labrador Retriever Breed History from All Labs

Working Dog Web Labrador Profile

AKC Labrador Retriever Breed Standard

AKC Homepage

Info Dog's New to Dogs Page

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Optigen Genetic Testing for Animals

Spay/Neuter Information

Long Term Health Concerns of Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and Neutering and the Canine Athlete

Spaying and Neutering Information Provided by Littleriver Labradors

Canine Emergency Information

Canine Emergency Tips

Our Breeder Friends

Borador Labradors

Wye Cavaliers

Pacific Labradors

Whisper Wind Labradors

Little River Labradors

Kelrobin Labradors

Four Seasons Labradors

Oak Hill Labradors

Leblanc Labradors

Labrador Retriever Breeder Lists

Wiscoy Labrador Retrievers Kennel Links

Hunting Society Labrador Retriever Kennel Links

E-mail Link To Our Favorite Professional Handlers

E-mail Karen Day at kdaycamp@aol.com

E-mail Heather Buehner and Zack of Skipton Kennels at hbuehner@atlanticbb.net

Visit Rusty and Jen Howard's website at http://www.waterberrylabs.com

Link to Veterinary Services

Animal Clinic Northview, Inc.

Link to DNA Services for Animals

DDC Veterinary: DNA Services for Animals- Offers DNA tests for canine and equine species. Services include parentage, DNA genotyping, DNA banking, disease screening, and coat color prediction.

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