At Keepsake Labradors we have been breeding quality English Labradors for over twenty five years. In our breeding program we pride ourselves on the sweet and loving temperament that is produced. It is for this reason that we have chosen Keepsake Labradors as our kennel name. We hope that as a result of the temperaments produced from our bloodlines, that each and every one of our dogs truly becomes a Keepsake to their new families.

While our dogs are all well suited to a life as loyal family companions, they are quite capable of serving a multi-functional purpose throughout the course of their lives. Many of our dogs have gone on to serve not only as a beloved member of the family, but also a valuable asset when hunting in the field. Whether it is the retrieval of ducks or upland game birds, our dogs have a reputation of making excellent all around retrievers. Aside from their work as a hunting and family companions many of our dogs have also gone on to win hunting titles in AKC approved competitions. Our kennel has produced a number of dogs with Junior and Senior Hunter titles to their credit.

In addition to their roles as family and hunting companions a plethora of the dogs produced by our kennel have had success in other areas. Several of the dogs we have produced have had success in the obedience ring. Many of the dogs we have produced have also completed the requirements for receiving their CD certificate. This stands for Companion Dog and indicates that the dog is well suited as a canine companion in any role including therapy, and is permitted to accompany individuals in public places. In fact one of our older females that we placed with some friends of ours is the resident therapy dog at the Harmarville Rehabilitation Center located near Pittsburgh. Although she had no certificates or formal training in this area, our girl Pocket (Keepsake Blue Jean Baby) took to therapy work like a fish does water.

Not only have our dogs proved to be valuable assets to their owners in the capacities enumerated above, but have also found employment in areas aiding the overall good of society at large. Throughout our years breeding Labradors we have produced several dogs that have fulfilled the requirements for becoming certified search and rescue dogs. Furthermore, we have had multiple dogs find employment as narcotic and explosive detection dogs. One of our more recent success stories in this vein is a fox red male who is currently under the employ of the Pennsylvania State Attorney General's Office as a narcotics detection dog.

Finally, many of the dogs we have produced are very well suited to the show ring. Over the years our bloodlines have produced numerous champions. Recently we ourselves have had a good deal of success in the show ring, but we don't get the opportunity to show as much as we would like. The reason for this is that here at Keepsake our dogs come first. We are not always able to make it out on the dog show circuit because we are too busy taking care of all of our dogs at home.

Many of you are probably thinking at this point that this is all too good to be true. You are probably thinking that these must be some sort of fictitious super dogs, but we assure you the above accolades we have heaped upon our dogs are all true. We mention all of these things not to brag, but as a testament to the quality and trainability that is the culminated from the development of our bloodlines over our years of breeding. Not all of our dogs are suitable for all of these activities, but with the right training, almost any of them could be taught to adequately fulfill one or more of these functions. While many of our dogs, through training, diligence and hard work can become suitable for these functions, the one thing that each and every Keepsake Labrador is absolutely capable of is being a sweet, loving and devoted family companion. Although we love to see our dogs doing good work in society at large it is most important to us that they first and foremost find a loving home.

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